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Sunday, 21 February 2016

21 February 2016. Time-Lapse Iconography from Syria

01 Christ Not Made By Hands. 14 c

Christ “Not-Made-By-Hands”

Unknown Artist

14th century




This time-lapse vid from Syria gives you the painting of Christ “Not-Made-By-Hands” in about two minutes…



21 February 2016. I’m NOT Commenting on Scalia Until 23 February (Wednesday)

00 flowers on grave. 18.11.12


I’m not commenting on Justice Scalia until Wednesday, as that is three days after the funeral on Saturday. Custom dictates that we remain silent on a person’s legacy and actions until three days pass after the funeral. That is, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday… on Wednesday, we’re free to comment. I found the Schadenfreude over his death disgusting. I found the loose and verbose political dialogue in process utterly without taste and crass. Death is a matter of high seriousness… anyone who trifles in its wake is an immature brat and nasty-minded toddler; we should treat them as such. It has nothing to do with liking him or thinking him a legal genius… it has to do with treating death with its proper dignity. It’s a Mystery… ergo, we must stand quiet in its presence. The older that I get, the stronger that impulse gets. Doubtless, we’re all mortals… we’ll all face the Final Call. Do ponder that…


21 February 2016. “Russians Don’t Want War!” (with English subs)

00 Yuri Gorelov. Do Russians Want War. 1962

Do Russians Want War?

Yuri Gorelov




Russians don’t want war… but they’ll fight if the neoliberal “conservative” Anglo warmongers invade… the Anglos will find out what the Teutonic Knights, the Poles, Napoleon, and Hitler found out. Russians love peace… but they’ll never give in to evil aggression… America had best take note…


21 February 2016. From the Russian Web… A Viral Cat Image…

00 cat and toddler 210116


This image is all over the RuNet (Russian web)… I don’t know whether the image is originally Russian or not… but it’s viral all over the Russian cyberworld… you find it everywhere.


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