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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

23 February 2016. Read All About It! Internet Winnegan’s Fake… “Pope Endorses Sanders as Most ‘Christian’ Candidate”

00 Art Young. Jesus wanted poster. He stirreth up the people. 1913


Read this. Kids, this is a howler of an internet fake… but some clueless jabronies are taking this online goof SERIOUSLY. However… there are theomachistic rightwing liars such as Rod Dreher and Jonas Paffhausen (along with their drooling hangers-on and brain-dead claque) who want you to believe that Christianity and the godless Mammon-worshipping warmongering American “conservative” movement are in sync. Nothing is further from the truth. This news item is satire… but it has a firm basis in fact. Bernie is more “Christian” than any US Republican or Chilly Hilly-style Dem is. Do ponder that… also ponder that Our Lord Christ died on the cross because the “respectable” of his day found it “expedient”… now, THAT’S a MEATY Lenten reflection…



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