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Sunday, 28 February 2016

28 February 2016. Crimea IS Russia! Now and Forever!

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Rally in Sevastopol against fascism on 23 February 2014


A M Gorodnitsky sings Sevastopol Will Be Russian


Sevastopolsky Vals (Sevastopol Waltz)… sung by the late great G K Ots… Georg Karlovich really nails it


Two years ago, the Crimea left the fascist Uniate/schismo pseudo-state and rejoined its Russian motherland. The Crimea was Russian… it is Russian… it will always remain Russian!



28 February 2016. Orthodoxy IS Christianity! That’s All!

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Some deluded Convertadox have an image floating out there with the label, “Orthodoxy… Christianity, but tougher”. That’s inane, vacuous, and immature… besides showing an absolute ignorance of where the Church is really at. The Church WORSHIPS… it PRAISES… it’s why we’re “Ortho Doxa” (or “Pravo Slavie”)… we give “Right Glory” to God. There’s nothing about us being “tougher” than anyone else is! Only a clueless toddler would say such! Didn’t Our Lord Christ say, “My yoke is easy and my burthen is light?” Besides, these disgusting children are engaging in comparing Orthodoxy to Heterodoxy, which isn’t a good thing at all. What other people do is what they do… what we do is what we do. They have no relation to one another, so the notion of one being “tougher” than the other one is isn’t only ludicrous, it’s positively spiritually dangerous, leading to all forms of self-pride and delusion.

Orthodoxy IS Christianity. THAT’S ALL! Let’s leave it at that…


28 February 2016. A Truly Christian State Would Do the Following…

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All those who speak for “deregulation”,”rugged individualism”, or “voluntarism” spit in the face of the Lord Christ and trample upon His icon. The Church has always blessed state action in the social sphere from the time of the Roman Empire, for it knows that the rich are selfish and grasping bastards who must be made to do good. “Evangelicals” are social and religious anarchists whom we can’t ally with under any circumstance or for any reason, for they deny the Church’s blessing of the state as a force for good. Since people are sinful, the Church believes that only state action can right many wrongs. The “Evangelicals” argue for a dog-eat-dog Hobbesian society… just as they argue for religious anarchy and licence.

The Church has never been anti-state or anti-authority… the “Evangelicals” have been and are such. One is true… one is false… which one do YOU stand behind? The fate of your immortal soul IS in the balance…


28 February 2016. This Aged Well… Four Years Passed, And It’s Truer Than Ever!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Socialism is GOOD! 2012


I wrote this four years ago:

The Western “conservative” is another story… especially the American Religious Right. There, irreligion comes vested in tawdry supposed pseudo-religious garb… that’s blasphemous… the sceptic is merely mistaken, but the Sectarian takes what’s of God and profanes it. Note well that “traditional religions” build up society. If such is so, then, the corollary is that Radical Religiosity tears down an ordered society. That’s to say that Mormonism, Pentecostalism, and any other form of Fundamentalism (in the loose colloquial sense) that you can imagine is Anti-Christian, in the apocalyptic sense, literally. The centre of Christian devotion is the Eucharist, which embodies Christ-With-Us (one finds the Eucharist even amongst the Radical Reformers); it isn’t “giving your heart to Jayzuss”, writhing “in the Spirit”, or wearing magic gotchies. One’s the Lord Himself Incarnate Amongst Us… the other’s sheer hypocrisy and profanes the Lord’s Name and the Holy Scripture.

The Church teaches Social Justice… the Church teaches Cooperation… the Church teaches, “You ARE your brother’s keeper”. The Sectarians are nothing but a religious apologia for social, religious, and economic anarchy (with a strong streak of self-satisfied philistine ignorance thrown in)… but they want to patrol your bedroom to make sure that you’re not using The Pill. There’s a real choice here. You can have “the race goes to the swiftest” or “come unto Me, all ye that are heavy-laded”… it’s your choice.

Ponder this… the konvertsy want to ally us with Anti-Christian Sectarians and their anarchist agenda (that’s what “Libertarianism” is… unbridled anarchy in the service of banditti crapitalism)… what does that tell you about their Christianity? You follow them or their scurvy internet vapourings at your own peril..


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