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Monday, 29 February 2016

29 February 2016. More On the Hijinks of “Joshua Anna”

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I got this from a Cabinet Member:

This “hieromonk” has Facebook posts set to “public.” I’d never heard of him until I read your post. I easily found him. There’s one post from 27 February that is just plain disturbing:

I have 666 Face friends.

Listen very carefully… So, in dishonor of all the Liberal-pro-abortion-gay-marriage-lovin-Socialistic-Commie-theives-of-other-peoples-prosperity–immorality-excusing “Orthodox” nuts out there… I want to thin the FB herd (and this should put these “Orthodox” frauds over the edge): 

Contraception and birth control is a sin no REAL Orthodox would do so just stop receiving Holy Communion until you repent and return to the True Church!

If in the Creed we say, “I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life…” and if this part of the Creed you do not believe in reality and in all actuality…. Then, you’re NOT really Orthodox!

Now, go into the FB outer darkness where there is a whole lot’a pagans who think like you. No conversion, no grace, no Church, no Christ.

He appears to be ROCOR from mentions in several posts. Just this post alone convinced me he’s a real nutter. Who made him the arbiter of who is a real Orthodox Christian? Frankly, I can think of several things worse than using birth control. The ones who are black-and-white on this issue conveniently forget, or are just plain ignorant of the fact that the pill can be used for legitimate medical reasons. I know of someone who attended an Ephremite-influenced GOAA parish for a while. She took the pill for a legitimate medical reason. When the priest at that parish (cradle, not convert) discovered (during Confession by actually asking) that this woman was taking the pill, he told her she had to cease having sex with her husband since she was sinning by using birth control. The priest didn’t care she was taking it for a medical reason. At least, she had the presence of mind to see this for the nonsense it was and walked out, never to return to the parish. She’s in a “normal” parish now.

This guy (along with Paffso and Kapner) is a real nutter; Hilarion Kapral should squash him like a bug. They spout arrant false rubbish about politics, sexuality, and “Pro-Life”… it’s time to shut them down for good to prevent them from harming others. In fact, the whole “Pro-Life” crowd is anti-Orthodox, and we shouldn’t have anything to do with them. The “pro-lifers” have gotten a pass so far. These people support the death penalty, open carrying of firearms, warmongering abroad, and shredding the social safety net. Ergo, they’re NOT “for life” in any way… they’re liars and deserve exposure as such. They’re outside the Mind of the Church; they don’t care what the Church really teaches. We should rid ourselves of such trash. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say!



29 February 2016. It’s Time to Unmask an Internet Phony

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Please, warn all concerned about an individual calling himself “Joshua Anna” on Facebook. Hieromonk Joshua, AKA Joshua Anna, is an out of control convert in the southwest. Sources tell me that he’s an unstable sort. He’s hurt many people online; the stuff he writes is damaging to anyone reading it. Priests tell me that their parishioners tell them that Joshua Anna is a bully. He’s as bad as Nathanael Kapner, possibly worse, since he’s a priest and Nathanael isn’t. I dunno why he hasn’t been censured for his comments by his bishop, but I really don’t know who his bishop is.

That’s the word that I get from multiple clergy… pass this on to as many people as you can. This man is dangerous. He’s handing out spiritual advice without a licence; that makes him a spiritual counterfeiter. Have a care with all internet sources, please. There’s much too much brambles on the web, and not enough fruit. Be careful…


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