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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

30 March 2016. Good Clean Fun… 3 Minutes of “Dances” from Classic Sov Comedies



Click here and have the jug at hand. Just good fun… time to smile. Oh… one of the “Moonshiners” is in these clips… can you find him?



30 March 2016. The Revival Will NOT be Televised… The Revival Will be Live… Kid’s Choir at the Khram Spasitelya

00 kid's choir moscow russia 300316

Children’s Choir of Moscow and Moscow Oblast at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow


Many people think of “revival” in Born-Again Proddie terms. Sober observation soon convinces all grounded people that such emotionalism rarely lasts, and hardly ever leads to real reformation and conversion. Real revival is the work of years… even generations. If one looks at Russia today, a solid foundation is there. More people go to church on a given Sunday than they do in the contemporary West. Let’s keep it simple… in the West (including the USA!) church buildings are falling vacant and finding new use as clubs, restaurants, or even private homes. In Russia, new churches pop up… most are rarely empty and operate seven days a week (if you want a pannikhida any day of the week, the priest and dirigent are normally there). People go in and light candles… they confess… they pray… it’s not like American parishes, where the church building stands locked most of the time.

The konvertsy want us to follow “Evangelical” models. I say that’s evil. If we want revival… let’s follow the Mother Church. It may take years… I certainly wouldn’t see the full fruit of it… but it’d be real, unlike Born-Again ersatz spiritualism. It’s time to take the first step… by denouncing ALL forms of “Evangelical” sectarianism (it isn’t Christian in the least) and all those who want to bring such rubbish into Christ’s Church. Let’s be REAL Christians, following the traditions given us by the Saints and our forefathers (not Antichristian “Evangelical” notions)… after all, the Church DID exist before the Born-Agains popped up, didn’t it?


30 March 2016. Animal Funnies… When She Comes Over Here… That Codfish is MINE!

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00 cat 300316


This image is all the thing on the RuNet now… is it from Russia? Is it? Who knows? Who cares?


30 March 2016. Bernie KNOWS What We Go Through… He Went Through It… Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump DO NOT

00 bernie lack of money 300316


Let’s keep it simple. If you want a society dominated by casino crapitalists and oligarch nabobs (with their Affluent Effluent lackeys sopping up most of what’s left), vote for Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump. If you want a return to the ideals of FDR’s New Deal, vote for Bernie. You can vote for evil (Trump or Chilly Hilly) or you can vote for good (Bernie). That’s how stark it is. In order to preserve True Christianity, one has to vote for a Jewish Secularist. That’s the sort of irony that the True God relishes… do reflect on that…


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