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Saturday, 5 March 2016

5 March 2016. Translated Russian Demot… Novorossiya is NOT the Ukraine!

00 novorossiya is NOT the ukraine 060316


No comment necessary…



5 March 2016. Take NO Credence in OBVIOUS PhotoShops… It Demeans REAL Opposition to Chilly Hilly

00 hillary and bin laden 060316


The above is an obvious PhotoShop and fake. It’s a False Flag personified. It demeans opposition to Chilly Hilly. Therefore… it may come from the Clintonista camp… Chilly’s unscrupulous and without morals… she’d do ANYTHING for power and to smear her opposition. Reject all false opposition to Hilly… there’s enough REAL dirt on her, trust me. The people who did this were either stupid or calculating pro-Hilly sorts. Reject all false evidence… including those things that support your POV. It does you or your cause no good at all.


5 March 2016. “Fr” Joshua Anna… More on an Obvious Spiritual Fraud

01 Reject false icons


I got this from a Cabinet member about “Fr” Joshua Anna (AKA “Hieromonk Joshua”):

According to his hermitage website:

The Hermitage of St Cornelius (Non-Affiliated)
272 Tacodo Loop
Belen NM

So, it seems questionable as to just to whom he’s under. Of course, if ROCOR dissed him, they should say so, but just like the “Catholic Church of the East”, they won’t say anything because it may point out their mistakes.

In short, this guy is another Internet Winnegan’s Fake. Don’t go looking for Orthodoxy on the web (save for sites vetted for and approved by the Church). Much of it’s rubbish and twaddle posted by charlatans or the self-appointed. Just because it’s called Ask an Orthodox Priest or the like doesn’t mean that the poster has explicit permission and blessing from their bishop to be doing it. Have a care… not only are there counterfeits about, they look all too “real”. Remember… Satan always baits his traps with objectively good things. You forget that at your peril.


5 March 2016. Dmitri Royster “Found Incorrupt”… Absolute Rot and Twaddle

01 Baptist nutter

The people pushing to glorify Dmitri Royster are the Orthodox equivalent of Westboro Baptist Church… most are former Prods, without roots in the communities that make up the Orthosphere. Many of their priests lack a real formation in Orthodox seminary (and DO have heterodox formation, sadly enough)… so, please, take care… these people are only “with us”, not “of us”, and their leaders lack the formation to be real Orthodox clergy. Beware, there are counterfeits afoot… there’s more of ’em than you think…


There’s much agitation amongst the Monomoron crowd about the body of Dmitri Royster being found “incorrupt”. Big deal… it’s a natural mummy, like those of Guanajuato and Encarnación de Díaz (and the Catacombe dei Cappuccini in Palermo). The man wasn’t good in report nor pure (he built his cathedral in the midst of the gay neighbourhood). There’s much spiritual and sexual murkiness about this man. There are credible reports of unsavoury doings that make Gleb Podmoshensky look like a choirboy. Be careful, there are spiritual frauds about… the Monomoron crowd endorses this voodoo about his “saintliness”. That’s proof that it’s phoney.

Mistrust EVERYTHING endorsed by the Monomuckos toddlers… many of ’em are former HOOMies (Dreher the Simple writes for them under a username)… need I say more?


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