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Saturday, 5 March 2016

5 March 2016. “Fr” Joshua Anna… More on an Obvious Spiritual Fraud

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I got this from a Cabinet member about “Fr” Joshua Anna (AKA “Hieromonk Joshua”):

According to his hermitage website:

The Hermitage of St Cornelius (Non-Affiliated)
272 Tacodo Loop
Belen NM

So, it seems questionable as to just to whom he’s under. Of course, if ROCOR dissed him, they should say so, but just like the “Catholic Church of the East”, they won’t say anything because it may point out their mistakes.

In short, this guy is another Internet Winnegan’s Fake. Don’t go looking for Orthodoxy on the web (save for sites vetted for and approved by the Church). Much of it’s rubbish and twaddle posted by charlatans or the self-appointed. Just because it’s called Ask an Orthodox Priest or the like doesn’t mean that the poster has explicit permission and blessing from their bishop to be doing it. Have a care… not only are there counterfeits about, they look all too “real”. Remember… Satan always baits his traps with objectively good things. You forget that at your peril.



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