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Saturday, 5 March 2016

5 March 2016. This Is What I Believe…

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In terms of “territory”, I live in the Northeast. I wish to live and die here. This is my home. Interesting… “conservative” pundit Rod Dreher preached “stability”, yet lived in four cities in four different regions in five years! I’d say that no one who did that (putting their family through such wrenching changes) has any idea of Truth. God plants us in different places… I love my “little acre”… not only the region, but the locality, too. It’s mine… the area bounded by NYC to Montreal, from Boston to Syracuse… I don’t want any other.

Politically, I’m a Leftist. It was a hegira… but William F Buckley’s autobiography nailed it. The selfishness and sense of entitlement that underpinned his life was obvious in the way that he gushed over his yachts. It was clear… WFB was a “conservative” because that ideology defended his inherited wealth, position, and privilege. It sickened me to no end. No decent person can choose such a greedy and grasping position. When you add in that American “conservatives” are habitual liars, defenders of the Affluent Effluent, and wink at Nativist White racism… it’s clear… no one calling themselves “Christian” can have anything to do with “conservatism” of the American variety (actually, it’s neoliberalism of the most virulent variety).

Philosophically, I’m not doctrinaire or “fundamentalist”… life teaches that each situation (and person!) is discrete and unique and DEMANDS its own solution. That’s why I’m an Orthodox Christian… the straitjackets of heterodoxy don’t bind or confine it… whether it’s an infallible Pope or an infallible Scripture…. the result comes out the same in the end. Lives end up smashed and deformed, burnt up on the altar of Implacable Religious Law. Christ came to save us from all that… the canons are guides, not laws. No, you can’t “stretch” them forever, but they have more “give” than many think. We DO “accommodate” as Orthodox Christians, and we shouldn’t apologise for it. Oikonomia is how we operate… how we always operated… how we shall operate until the Second Coming. The Church existed BEFORE Scripture… BEFORE the canons… BEFORE all the Traditions and Customs.

If we don’t realise that life is not only a preparation for Heaven, but a Good in itself, you’ve missed the whole point of it. Ponder it… it’s a weighty pre-Lenten mediation…



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