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Sunday, 6 March 2016

6 March 2016. No American Can Support the “Moderate Opposition” in Syria… They’re Nothing but Terrorists Abetted by Langley

00 syrian christian soldiers 280216


Look at the above image. It’s Syrian Christian soldiers being blessed by a priest before going into battle against the terrorists (the “moderate opposition” backed by all American neoliberal pols). All the Repugs and Chilly Hilly support the terrorists… just as they support the Wahabi aggression in Yemen and the Gulf State kleptocracies (they all support the failed “Ukrainian” Uniate/schismo non-state, too). Keep it simple… Christians in Syria support Bashar al-Assad… unanimously. Life ain’t perfect, but they have a life and Assad leaves them alone to live their lives in peace. The American-backed terrorists want to murder them and install an Islamist dictatorship (most Muslims aren’t overly excited about such a theocracy, either, to speak frankly). Faced with such a choice, the Syrian Christians are the fiercest fighters in Assad’s forces. Talk to the Syrians here in the USA… they’ll tell you the truth.

Don’t listen to lies from the NY Times, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, The American Conservative, Breitbart, NPR, CNN, or Fox News. They all beat the drum for neoliberalism and Oligarch Rule… whether its Serge Schmemann or Sofia Kishkovskaya or Rod Dreher or Victor Potapov or Freddie M-G, the journos amongst us have sold out to the beast. Not one stands up for the truth. They’ve all sold out… fancy that. Be careful… many amongst us sold out for filthy lucre or for “praise”. It’s an evil world and many amongst us have succumbed to the zeitgeist (not just those named). Have a care…


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