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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Gallup Poll Shows American Citizens Think that Hillary Clinton is a “Liar” and “Dishonest”

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According to a new nationwide Gallup poll on both Democratic presidential hopefuls, Hillary Clinton and her rival Bernie Sanders, “dishonest” and “liar” were the words that came to the minds of American citizens when asked about Hillary Clinton. The poll revealed that the next closest word associations for Clinton were “dislike her” at 9 percent, “like her” at 8 percent, and both “criminal, crooked, thief, belongs in jail” and “capable of being president and qualified” at 7 percent. It seems that Clinton always inspired negative reactions; in 2008, Gallup said “dishonest” was also the most frequent response when they asked the same question about Hillary. In the same poll, 12 percent of those asked described Sanders as “socialist”, 6 percent said “older, aged”, whilst “favourable” and “fresh face, new ideas, change for the better” both received 5 percent. Gallup surveyed 1,014 adults between 13-14 February with a 4 percent overall margin of error.

Meanwhile, other polls of the Democratic race also showed that most viewed Sanders as trustworthy; whilst others saw Clinton as more qualified. A new poll of 18-26-year-olds sponsored by Snapchat and news outlet Politico showed that most participants saw Sanders as the USA’s “most trusted and respected” political leader with 31 percent support. US President Barack Obama and Hillary received 18 percent and 11 percent, respectively, in that same category. The survey held between 11-14 February polled 1,000 young Americans. The Snapchat poll showed that 66 percent thought that Corporate America “embodies everything that’s wrong with America”, whilst 58 percent believe socialism is the “most compassionate political system”. The recent polls came as Clinton and Sanders brace for another battle in South Carolina Saturday, where black voters are a determining factor in the race. Clinton barely won the Iowa caucus with less than a 1 percent lead over Sanders. Last Saturday, the former first lady also won Nevada with less than a 5 percent lead. Meanwhile, Sanders secured a big win in New Hampshire with at least 20 percent more votes than Clinton.

24 February 2016




This isn’t new, but it shows that Chilly Hilly has little support outside of black voting blocs controlled by insider pols and Affluent Effluent Upper Middles lusting for crumbs from her table. Feel the Bern… they did in Nebraska and Kansas yesterday…


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