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Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash: Corbyn/Sanders Edition

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This is from late January, but it still has tread and cred. Note the hysterical reactions of the Hilly/Billy clan to Sander’s continued strength. Remember this… the Clintons ushered in the present neocon aggression aiming at global hegemony. No decent person wants that. What does that tell you about their supporters? A meaty reflection, no?



The British political and media establishment incrementally lost its collective mind over the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the country’s Labour Party; its unraveling and implosion show no signs of receding yet. Bernie Sanders is nowhere near as radical as Corbyn; they’re not even in the same universe. However, especially on economic issues, Sanders is a more fundamental systemic critic than the oligarchical power centres are willing to tolerate; they find his rejection of corporate dominance over politics and of corporate support for his campaign particularly menacing. Thus, they regard him as America’s version of a far-left extremist, threatening establishment power.

For those who observed the unfolding of the British reaction to Corbyn’s victory, it’s been fascinating to watch the DC/Democratic establishment’s reaction to Sanders’ emergence replicate that, reading from the same script. Personally, I think Clinton’s nomination is extremely likely, but evidence of a growing Sanders movement is unmistakable. Because of the broader trends driving it, this is clearly unsettling to establishment Democrats… as it should be. A poll last week found that Sanders has a large lead with millennial voters, including young women; as Rolling Stone put it, “Young female voters support Bernie Sanders by an expansive margin”. Yesterday, the New York Times trumpeted that, in New Hampshire, Sanders “jumped out to a 27 percentage point lead”, which is “stunning by New Hampshire standards”. Also yesterday, the Wall Street Journal, in an editorial titled “Taking Sanders Seriously,” declared it’s “no longer impossible to imagine the 74-year-old socialist as the Democratic nominee”. Just as was true for Corbyn, there’s a direct correlation between the strength of Sanders and the intensity of the bitter and ugly attacks unleashed at him by the DC/Democratic political/media establishment. Roughly speaking, there were seven stages to this “establishment revolt” in the UK against Corbyn, and the American reaction to Sanders closely follows the same script:


Polite condescension toward what they perceive to be harmless (“We think it’s really wonderful that you’re airing your views”).


Light casual mockery as the self-belief among supporters grows (“No, dears, a left-wing extremist won’t win, but it’s nice to see you excited!”).


Self-pity and angry etiquette lectures directed at supporters upon realising that they aren’t performing their duty of meek surrender, flavoured with heavy doses of concern trolling (“Nobody but nobody is as rude and gauche online to journalists as these crusaders; unfortunately, it’s hurting their candidate’s cause!”).


Smear the candidate and his supporters with innuendos of sexism and racism with falsely claims that only white men support them (“You like this candidate because he’s white and male like you, not because of ideology or policy or contempt for the Party establishment’s corporatist pro-war approach!”).


Brazen invocation of right-wing attacks to marginalise and demonise, as polls prove the candidate is a credible threat (“He’s weak on terrorism, will surrender to ISIS, has crazy associations, and is a clone of Mao and Stalin!”).


Issuance of grave and hysterical warnings about the pending apocalypse if the voters reject the establishment candidate, as the possibility of losing becomes imminent (“You’re destined for decades, perhaps, even generations, of powerlessness if you disobey our decrees about who to select!”).


Full-scale and unrestrained meltdown, panic, lashing-out, threats, recriminations, self-important foot-stomping, overt union with the Right, and complete fury (“In good conscience, I can no longer support this party of misfits, terrorist-lovers, communists, and heathens!”).

Britain is well into Stage 7, and may even invent a whole new level (anonymous British military officials expressly threatened a “mutiny” if Corbyn won a democratic election as Prime Minister). The Democratic media/political establishment has been in the heart of Stage 5 for weeks and is now entering Stage 6. The arrival of Stage 7 is guaranteed if Sanders wins Iowa.

21 January 2016

Glen Greenwald

The Intercept



There are well-known Hilly Fans amongst we Orthodox… we all know who they are. The one that mystified me is one with Serbian ties… they do know how Bill and Hill hate Serbs with a passion (they do pal with Biden the Ustašha lover, after all) and how they spat on our bishops in ‘99! That one is odd, is it not? The world IS full of contradiction…



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