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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

8 March 2016. Cabinet Input on l’Affaire Royster



One of the Cabinet wrote me this:

I don’t get this rush by some to canonise Royster. If a thing has truth, that’ll bear itself out and the Church will recognise that. I guess the whole “blessed are they that haven’t seen, but yet believe” thing is lost on some. They’ve lost it to the point where it leads to disobedience.

I quite agree. These toddlers deserve a paddling and public humiliation for dissing the Church so. That’s all…



8 March 2016. Disobedient Bastard in Dallas Posted Images on Shevkunov’s Unofficial Website at Centre AFTER OCA Ordered Him to Take Them Off the Internet!

00 the finger. the bird. 02.09.13

Grigorenko is giving the bird to the OCA SOBs… Vladyki Mel… you know what to do to this cheeky rebel. Slap him down hard and slap him down publicly… 


Look at this. This cheeky disobedient bastard posted these images on Shevkunov’s unofficial website AFTER the OCA SOBs rightfully ordered him to take the images OFF the internet! I believe that this is the work of one Jesse Dominick, a drooling rightwing fool who works for Shevkunov at the Centre. Several St T’s sources tell me that Dominick was a lazy twit who spent much of his time posting on “conservative” asshat websites and not studying at seminary. This is too much of a muchness. This disobedient jabronie put this up even though he knows that the OCA SOBs forbade this. Shevkunov KNEW that the OCA SOBs forbade posting on this topic. Shevkunov is a rightwing pro-oligarch (and probably pro-Anglo and pro-“Evangelical”) dweeb. Don’t trust what’s posted on Pravoslavie or Pravmir… especially, on the “English sides”. These websites are NOT official and are NOT products of the MP apparat.

This is arrogant shit of the highest order. The OCA SOBs have the right (and duty) to slap this Grigorenko guy down HARD.


Disobedient Twit in Dallas Disses OCA SOBs with Petulant FB Post

01 busted

The self-important don’t like it when they’re caught out, do they? Note well the TONE of the FB post below… if I were the OCA SOBs, I’d fire his ass as the icon-painter in Dallas… to teach him a sharp lesson…


One of the Cabinet sent me some intel about a FB post by one Vladimir Grigorenko:

This guy was the iconographer for the Dallas cathedral. It appears the OCA has taken some action. We’ll see what comes of it.

This is what this petulant toddler posted on FB:

Today, I have been asked by OCA Metropolitan Tikhon “to immediately remove this post an (sic) all images associated with it”. Also, I am “forbidden to post any pictures of Archbishop Dmitri without permission of the Holy Synod” (!) It worth noting, that being a citizen of a free country, on my personal page I will continue posting everything I want, as long as it is legal ant (sic) true. However, out of obedience and respect of the office of the Metropolitan I choose to follow his order at this time. Thus, some pictures and parts of the text will be removed.

Can you imagine? This semi-Proddie bastard is arrogant beyond words. He “chooses” to follow this order “at this time”. Doesn’t this sound like the juvenile tantrum that Freddie M-G issued at the time that the ROCOR pulled the antimins from those nutty nuns in Maryland? These twits have the consummate gall to lecture the rest of us about “obedience”. Of course, the OCA SOBs were within their rights (and within the Mind of the Church) to insist that all discussion cease on this and that all those promoting this claim stop all public promotion of that claim (that includes FB posts, naturally). As this person has a semi-official status in the Church (as an icon-painter working in a cathedral), he had the responsibility to say to the SOBs, “Yes, sir; yes, sir… three bags full”, and shut up (without a petulant FB post, BTW). He’s not a private individual (who, as believers, must keep silence until the Church decides it all)… like the konvertsy brats who commented on his post.

This HURTS his cause… do reflect on the fact that this clueless smarkach doesn’t realise that. The world’s not a boring place, is it?


Wrong Train to Damascus: Will Erdoğan Catch the Last Car?

00 monkey 280815 dealing from the bottom of the deck

Methinks that the Turks won’t get away with another provocation on the scale of the Russian bomber shootdown… after all, Vova’s on his guard… 


Russia and Turkey had the longest series of military conflicts in European history. It lasted between the 16th and 20th centuries; Russia won the overwhelming majority of these 12 wars. Serbian political analyst Bojan Bilbija thought that a thirteenth could be ahead; he asked what decisive factors could lead to it being unleashed in an article for the Serbian online newspaper Politika.


An old Serbian folk saying relates, “When you enter the wrong train, then, all the stations are incorrect”. One could apply this folk wisdom to the relationship between the West and Russia, primarily to the one between Russia, Turkey, and the USA. If one assumes that all three are already in the wrong wagon, then, the prospects of a thirteenth conflict between Moscow and Turkey are much more likely than widely anticipated. However, the unleashing of such a conflict depends on several key factors. Any conflict between Ankara and Russia would be completely irrational without the direct support of Washington. In reality, the Russian forces have at least three to five times quantitative superiority above Turkey in every aspect. Aside from this quantitative advantage, Ankara and NATO should be even more concerned about the number of advanced weapons systems Russia has in its arsenal, which the Turks wouldn’t be able to get for a long while.

However, what could give Turkey hope? The first option is an assertion that a “weakened” Russia doesn’t have enough economic strength to endure a large-scale conflict, and that a “sharp decline in domestic living standards” could lead to the overthrow of the Russian government. Yet, one should keep in mind that the controls over its domestic economy and state budget allow Russia to accumulate significant reserves and provide savings options (without major cuts to domestic social programmes and military investment). Russia has a substantial trade surplus and its huge infrastructure projects, such as a 19-kilometre-long bridge to the Crimea and constructing monumental stadiums for 2018 World Football Cup, show that its financial flexibility is beyond all doubts. If there were a sudden increase in military spending… in recent years, that was enormous, estimated to be hundreds of billions of dollars… the Russian economy could sustain it in the medium-term.

The second option for Erdoğan is to involve NATO in a conflict with Russia. This is also a very controversial point, as in this case Moscow would have to attack Turkish territory first, which is rather implausible, given the measured reaction to the recent shoot-down by Turkey of a Russian bomber over Syrian airspace, which led to the death of its pilot. In such a case, NATO would have to back up Turkish aggression, and not defend Turkish territory. Given all the above, Erdoğan must follow along with American foreign policy decisions… that is, either the Americans would coöperate with an “unreliable” Putin, which could lead to a prolonged ceasefire and de-escalation of warmongering rhetoric amongst American hawks, or the Americans would besmirch the Kremlin’s “good intentions” and continue to insist that the Syrian ceasefire is a failure (fearing that Moscow would maintain tight control over Syria). In case the latter option prevails, Erdoğan won’t miss the opportunity to catch the wrong train to Damascus.

5 March 2016

Bojan Bilbija

Sputnik International


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