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Thursday, 10 March 2016

10 March 2016. My (Final and Irrevocable) Two Cents on Jenner the Media Phenom

01 a woman at the riverbank


It’s a freak show, indeed… Jenner should go back to the hole that they crawled out of. Sad fact is, Jenner isn’t representative of transsexual people. Jenner was an asshat before, is one now, and shall remain one… that trumps (pun intended) everything else. Transsexualism is a serious medical phenomenon… not some media hype or rightwing talking point. Let’s keep it such… so, let’s keep the discussion focused on the medical professionals who know what they’re about. Jenner’s was, is, and shall always be nothing but an empty-suit media phenom… sadly enough, they’re not alone in that, are they?



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