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Saturday, 12 March 2016

12 March 2016. Trump is NOT a Fascist or a Neo-Nazi… He’s Something Worse… He’s an Amoral Cipher

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Trump is neither a fascist or capitalist… although he’d use both if he thought that he’d profit. Trump is an opportunistic pragmatist (to use the most positive meaning, in Bentham’s sense)… he has no inner creed save for utility. However, since he has no inner convictions, he’ll say anything that he thinks his followers want to hear (he’s much like Chilly Hilly in that regard). I’ve followed him from the outset. He’s an empty-suit of the worst sort. I’m no intellectual… so I won’t speak of his psyche, but I got downsized, so I have personal experience of the evil of GOP policies. Trump has no inner compass… never has… his only lodestar is money. I’m for Bernie… as the Donald wants to wage war on tick, as GWB did. The last time that the USA actually won a war was World War II… under FDR’s socialist New Deal. It’s time to “return to the future”… not vote for a casino magnate full of bollocks and bluster.


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