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Sunday, 13 March 2016

13 March 2016. Evangelical Nutters and Islamist Radicals are the SAME Under the Skin

01 GOP nutters



Decent Christians and Normal Muslims face the same foe… those who preach hatred and violence in the name of their creeds. That isn’t Christianity… that isn’t Islam. Full stop. Do note well that Fundies are the same whatever their exterior… the Muslim Brotherhood and the Born-Agains are true “milk brothers” (Russian idiom for men who’ve had sexual relations with the same woman)… both of these sorts preach the same rot and want the same violence against “infidels”. Of course, if we could set these sorts against each other in the Texas desert, with no innocents about, that’d solve it, wouldn’t it? I’d charge admission to watch the fun (I’d insist on having the beer n’ brats concession)…



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