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Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Farewell to Arms: “Ukrainian” Servicemen Deserting to the Crimea

00 admiral denis berezovsky. 21.04.14

Rear Admiral D V Berezovsky, former “Ukrainian” naval commander… he rallied to Russia and is now a Deputy Commander of the ChF-MF… Denis Valentinovich is under personal sanction by the USA, Canada, and the EU for his patriotic choice. BTW… he’s from Russian Kharkov and is only 42-years-old, so his military career was completely post-Soviet (he was only 17 in 1991 and he became a naval officer in 1996).


Media sources in Kiev stated that a report prepared by a Minoborony Ukrainy working group showed that “Ukrainian” soldiers desert the army en masse and that many officers visit the Crimea. Dumskaya.net wrote that, since January, 87 naval officers deserted to the Crimea and a total of 559 went AWOL last year; the report pointed up that only 135 personnel returned. Dumskaya.net added:

According to the Minoborony Ukrainy working group, unit commanders don’t look for deserters and even try to keep these cases under wraps. No information about 286 deserters could be found in Navy files.

Moreover, 155 “Ukrainian” naval officers visited the Crimea, allegedly for family reasons. On 11 March 2014, following a coup in Kiev, the Crimea declared its independence from the “Ukraine”, asking for reunification with Russia. On 16 March 2014, some 96 percent of Crimean voters chose to rejoin Russia in a referendum.

12 March 2016

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