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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

16 March 2016. A Russian Orthodox Deacon Reposted This. None Dare Call It EVIL

00 evil american racist poster 160316


A Russian Orthodox deacon reposted this rubbish on social media. This is beyond the pale… it’s beneath the salt. I’ll simply say that Vladyki Hilarion Kapral has to take someone out to the woodshed…



16 March 2016. THIS is “Conservatism”… Vacuity Incarnated

00 This is conservatism 160316


Look at how all the “conservatives” followed Wet Willy Romney like lemmings. It didn’t matter that he was a draft-dodger in the Vietnam War… he had oodles of cash… so, all the Mammon-worshippers showed us their true deity. This time around, all the “conservatives” are flocking round Trump the Chump. Remember, Pat Buchanan was the author of Nixon’s racist “Southern Strategy” (what does that tell us about his drooling acolyte Dreher?)… they all want an America where hate is given free licence and discrimination is the law of the land. I’ll fight that… I’m not alone. The best way to fight that is not to nominate an oligarch-lover like Chilly Hilly. Both she and Trump are EVIL… if you doubt that Chilly Hilly is evil… well, I’ll simply say that anyone who bombed Belgrade on Holy Easter and piously imposed a bombing halt for Ramadan is surely that. As for Trump, look at Trump Tower… I’m reminded of Wren’s “If you require a memorial, look about you” in a VERY negative sense. Anyone who built such a monstrosity belongs in the Ha-Ha Hotel, not the White House.


16 March 2016. Don’t be Fooled… Chilly Hilly is Doing WORSE Than She Did in ’08

00 Hilary Clinton caricature. Russian. 160615


Don’t be fooled. Chilly Hilly is doing worse than she did in ’08. Back then, the media regaled us with her inevitable victory. I seem to notice that it didn’t happen. After all, who really wants Bill’s Third Term?


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