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Thursday, 17 March 2016

17 March 2016. #StillBernie… It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over… And It Ain’t Over Yet!

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Chilly Hilly is at her apogee… the same as in ’08. She’s gonna go ape-shit crazy when superdelegates such as Andrew Cuomo slip a shiv between her ribs (figuratively). By the way, don’t argue with the HillyBillys… they won’t listen and they go bat-shit nuts when anyone praises Bernie (they especially go postal when you don’t kiss their ass incessantly… y’know, they’re in love with Hilly because she’s as narcissistic as they are… just sayin’). They’re irrelevant. Don’t say anything… that way, when Hilly loses, they just may vote for Bernie.



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