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Thursday, 17 March 2016

17 March 2016. Two Russian Expressions That You Should Know…

01 shoocked smiley face


There are two bits of popular wisdom from ordinary Russians… one is, “They smile like an American”, that is, someone who can’t be trusted and who can’t be held to their word. Russians (who are more open and honest than Anglos are… that’s why we don’t smile at strangers) found out that when Anglo Americans smiled, it meant absolutely nothing… that it was a ruse used to hide complete rapacity and desire to cheat. Another is, “They lied to us about communism, but they told us the truth about capitalism”. No Russian really believes in capitalism… the Church teaches against it, the state has its doubts, and society finds it disruptive to harmony and order. Yes, a pack of jackals took over in the 90s, but they’re not the “wave of the future” anymore. That is, Russians don’t have nostalgia about the USSR, they now see that it was more correct in many ways (not perfect); a system more just than American vulture crapitalism. In short, these two popular aphorisms prove that Russians reject Anglo American non-culture and they want to be left alone. Shall the Anglos do so? Only the future will tell us that…



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