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Saturday, 19 March 2016

19 March 2016. Most “Evangelicals” Believe that One Must be “Christian” to be American

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Look at the above infographic. It’s scary, isn’t it? The “Evangelicals” and “Black Christians” both believe that one must be “Christian” to be “American”. Most Catholics and Orthodox are well-aware that these groups don’t consider us Christian. I kid you not. The “Evangelicals” proselytise our people… they do so without shame or excuse. Yet, most konvertsy (and some deluded ethnics, too) schmooze up to these vipers. You can’t have ANYTHING to do with Antichrist and his deceptions… clearly, “Evangelicalism” is the false religion spoken of by St John the Theologian in the Apocalypse. As I said, why even associate with those who don’t even consider us Christians, even though THEY are the Johnny-come-Latelies? The USA is secular by design. There’s no mention of a “state religion” in the US Constitution; indeed, it even forbids establishing such! The Founders were Enlightenment Deists… “Evangelicalism” didn’t exist then… neither did any of the present “Black Churches”. Being an American has nothing to do with Christianity… that’s saying that the blood shed by non-Christians for America means nought. That’s blasphemy, in a secular sense! That’s why Bernie is so important… he’d be the first non-Christian President of the USA. Trust me, the Founders would applaud… their vision of America was not a “Christian” one. Reflect on that, if you will…



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