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Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. We Know Neither the Time Nor the Hour

00 rostov aircrash moscow russia 200316


A woman places flowers at the Rostov Oblast representation in Moscow to honour those killed in the recent aircrash. Why do the Fathers counsel remembrance of our death? We know neither the time nor the hour. Remember the victims of the Rostov-on-Don aircrash… four of the 62 victims were children…



20 March 2016. THIS Is What Faces Us This Election

00 war 200316


I need add nothing.


20 March 2016. Remember WHY We’re Christians…

00 remember why we're Christians 200316


20 March 2016. From the Russian Web… The Best Swim Team in the World

00 polar bears in arctic 200316


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