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Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. Mollard to Serve With Bart Today… Didn’t Announce It Until Friday…

01 Backstabber


Read this. A friend wrote me:

Bart is using the OCA as a pawn versus Moscow.

I  replied:

Note that the announcement was only yesterday… no doubt, after Mollard & Co had left for the Phanar. He’d best watch his back… HH isn’t amused by treachery.

This has SVS’s fingerprints all over it… note that the semi-Uniate quisling Jillions is involved. Shall he drop Mollard in the shit? Mollard’s not bright enough to think these things through… but HH isn’t forgiving on things like this… will Jillions get le sabot? We’ll have to see…



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