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Monday, 21 March 2016

21 March 2106. Mollard in Phanar Kissing Bart’s Bum… WHY?

00 tikhon mollard at phanar 210316


00 tikhon mollard at phanar a 210316


Note well that the quasi-Papist semi-Uniate Jillions accompanied Mollard on this junket. The OCA is perpetually strapped for cash… as is the Phanar. Did Potapov pony up Langley money for this? It’s a possibility… do remember how Bart kisses Butcher Biden’s ass shamelessly. Every other legit First Hierarch was in his cathedral for Sunday of Orthodoxy. I say that this smells of Chad Hatfield, SVS, Jonathan Ivanoff, Lyonyo, and the Golden 400. Are they up to hijinks behind the Centre’s back? If so, they’re in for a rude awakening… the OCA IS a dependent creature of Moscow, and HH WILL remind them of that if this is what everybody thinks it is. By the way… Mollard is too stupid to be the “brains” behind this one… I smell Lyonyo… he’s got the American Establishment connections and is in the same town as Potapov’s partner-in-crime Gan… do connect the dots…

By the way, there’s nothing up on oca.org… it shows Syosset is as sloppy and lazy as ever. Lyonyo hasn’t changed his arrogant bone-idle spots. Patriarchia.ru has news up ON THE DAY IT OCCURS, soon after it occurs. With modern technology, this could’ve been up ASAP (all one needed was a digital camera and a laptop)… it shows the incompetence and sheer idleness of the OCA apparat. Shame on them…



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