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Thursday, 24 March 2016

24 Mach 2016. Bernie Wins Three of Four Primaries… Lamestream Media Anoints Chilly Hilly “Frontrunner”… What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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This week, Bernie won three out of four contested primaries (Idaho, Utah, Democrats Abroad) and Chilly Hilly only won one (Arizona) under suspicious circumstances (why doesn’t that surprise?). Yet, the media still anoints Chilly Hilly as the “frontrunner”. I asked a journalist friend why this was so. He replied:

I like getting a paycheck.

That was it. In other words, the media management wants a particular message “out there”… that means that the oligarch owners of the media conglomerates want a certain message out there. Why? It’s simple. Trump can beat Chilly Hilly… she’s not only a lying bitch personally, she’s sold out to Wall Street and every other Big Money interest out there. Trump can’t beat Bernie… that’s why they don’t want the word getting out about his success. Nevertheless… the word IS out… people are “feeling the Bern”… and do note that the professional pols ARE noticing. If Chilly Hilly thinks that the superdelegates are going to remain in her corner… well, let’s just say that Andrew Cuomo will have something to do with that. Do watch Handy Andy… he’s the most consummate pol in the USA today… he took down Spitzer… he’ll take down Hilly too… with a SMILE…



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