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Thursday, 24 March 2016

24 March 2016. Here’s Why Trump Supporters are Hypocritical Asshats

00 two chits donald trump bernie sanders 01 240316


00 two chits donald trump bernie sanders 02 240316


Look at these two chits. The top one is from Bernie supporters… the bottom one is from Trump backers (note how the original poster put the rightie nutters “on the bottom”). Trump backers are greedy asshats… just like their candidate. Donald Trump didn’t earn a penny of his “wealth”… he inherited it all from his amoral buccaneer father… it looks like Donald inherited more than just money from his old man. If like calls unto like, what does this tell us about Trump? It certainly speaks volumes for his backers… do note that Trump backers are calling it “fake”. I think not… for they’re people who believe in demonising the poor and glorifying the rich. Let’s not forget… “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Often, such people call themselves “Christian”… they lie, in the most egregious and disgusting fashion… God will NOT be mocked…

#Feel the Bern… hey, Orthodox people… here’s a name of one of the Trump backers… Jonathan Ivanoff… does that mean that the OCA apparat is behind the Donald? Again, if “like calls unto like”, and Donald is a lying phony, what does tell us about Mr Ivanoff and the OCA apparat? Connect the dots…



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