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Thursday, 24 March 2016

24 March 2016. This is What the Konvertsy Write About About Other Christian Confessions… Disgusting and Beyond the Pale

01 ship of fools


I saw this on FB, posted by one Richard Casey:

Will be happy when “commercial” Easter is over. Another year of the Protestant Evangelicals teaching their children it’s all about egg hunts, candy, and bunnies. So exhausting. Not to worry. The real Pascha is on the way.

Yes, they actually wrote that. Here’s a comment from Tiffani Green:

You mean “Christmas” round 2?

Here’s something from Isaac Lambertsen:

More properly referred to as the “Santa” Christmas” and the “Baby Jesus” Christmas.

I replied:

To see people who call themselves “Christians” mock the religious holidays of other Christian confessions is noxious and says much about the poster, the commenters, and those who “liked” this. Shame on the lot of you. Leave Catholic Easter be. BTW… don’t forget to say “Thank You” when your Catholic and Protestant friends wish you “Happy Easter”. WWJD? NOT THIS!

I didn’t think highly of the groundedness of konvertsy… this proves that they’re even less grounded than I thought they were. You don’t mock the religious holidays of others. Yes… their beliefs may not be those of the Church… yet, we owe a debt of decency and the duty of courtesy to our neighbours. I find this beyond the pale… I’m not alone.



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