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Thursday, 24 March 2016

24 March 2016. This is What the Konvertsy Write About About Other Christian Confessions… Disgusting and Beyond the Pale

01 ship of fools


I saw this on FB, posted by one Richard Casey:

Will be happy when “commercial” Easter is over. Another year of the Protestant Evangelicals teaching their children it’s all about egg hunts, candy, and bunnies. So exhausting. Not to worry. The real Pascha is on the way.

Yes, they actually wrote that. Here’s a comment from Tiffani Green:

You mean “Christmas” round 2?

Here’s something from Isaac Lambertsen:

More properly referred to as the “Santa” Christmas” and the “Baby Jesus” Christmas.

I replied:

To see people who call themselves “Christians” mock the religious holidays of other Christian confessions is noxious and says much about the poster, the commenters, and those who “liked” this. Shame on the lot of you. Leave Catholic Easter be. BTW… don’t forget to say “Thank You” when your Catholic and Protestant friends wish you “Happy Easter”. WWJD? NOT THIS!

I didn’t think highly of the groundedness of konvertsy… this proves that they’re even less grounded than I thought they were. You don’t mock the religious holidays of others. Yes… their beliefs may not be those of the Church… yet, we owe a debt of decency and the duty of courtesy to our neighbours. I find this beyond the pale… I’m not alone.



24 Mach 2016. Bernie Wins Three of Four Primaries… Lamestream Media Anoints Chilly Hilly “Frontrunner”… What’s Wrong With This Picture?

00 Bernie on the grassroots 071215


This week, Bernie won three out of four contested primaries (Idaho, Utah, Democrats Abroad) and Chilly Hilly only won one (Arizona) under suspicious circumstances (why doesn’t that surprise?). Yet, the media still anoints Chilly Hilly as the “frontrunner”. I asked a journalist friend why this was so. He replied:

I like getting a paycheck.

That was it. In other words, the media management wants a particular message “out there”… that means that the oligarch owners of the media conglomerates want a certain message out there. Why? It’s simple. Trump can beat Chilly Hilly… she’s not only a lying bitch personally, she’s sold out to Wall Street and every other Big Money interest out there. Trump can’t beat Bernie… that’s why they don’t want the word getting out about his success. Nevertheless… the word IS out… people are “feeling the Bern”… and do note that the professional pols ARE noticing. If Chilly Hilly thinks that the superdelegates are going to remain in her corner… well, let’s just say that Andrew Cuomo will have something to do with that. Do watch Handy Andy… he’s the most consummate pol in the USA today… he took down Spitzer… he’ll take down Hilly too… with a SMILE…


24 March 2016. Here’s Why Trump Supporters are Hypocritical Asshats

00 two chits donald trump bernie sanders 01 240316


00 two chits donald trump bernie sanders 02 240316


Look at these two chits. The top one is from Bernie supporters… the bottom one is from Trump backers (note how the original poster put the rightie nutters “on the bottom”). Trump backers are greedy asshats… just like their candidate. Donald Trump didn’t earn a penny of his “wealth”… he inherited it all from his amoral buccaneer father… it looks like Donald inherited more than just money from his old man. If like calls unto like, what does this tell us about Trump? It certainly speaks volumes for his backers… do note that Trump backers are calling it “fake”. I think not… for they’re people who believe in demonising the poor and glorifying the rich. Let’s not forget… “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Often, such people call themselves “Christian”… they lie, in the most egregious and disgusting fashion… God will NOT be mocked…

#Feel the Bern… hey, Orthodox people… here’s a name of one of the Trump backers… Jonathan Ivanoff… does that mean that the OCA apparat is behind the Donald? Again, if “like calls unto like”, and Donald is a lying phony, what does tell us about Mr Ivanoff and the OCA apparat? Connect the dots…


24 March 2016. A Faith Based on “No” is No Faith at All

00 zyuganov and patr kirill guryanov 041015


One of the konvertsy boasted that the reason that people convert to Orthodoxy was that it says “No”… I find that both odd and troubling at the same time. I’m a believer because of what Orthodoxy says “Yes” to… not because of what it denies. I believe in the Christ Who opened His arms to everyone… I believe in the Church that embraced the Ethiopian eunuch and the fallen harlot Mariya Magdalene. I do NOT believe in the long (and seemingly ever-increasing) list of “Thou Shalt Nots” thundered forth by the konvertsy. God will save those whom He wills… He needs no assistance from me (or from you… or from the loud “experts”) in that matter. I even confess that the Lord wants to save the konvertsy… yet, shall they answer His call? I do hope that they shall in the end, but their present behaviour contradicts that, doesn’t it?

No matter how childish, mawkish, and wrongheaded they are, we Christians are under obligation to pray for the salvation of all and that all will attend to the Lord’s call and accept His Offer. We’re Christians; that’s what we do. However, we needn’t agree to or be passive in the face of their negative and hateful activity. The same is true here… we’re Christians; that’s what we do. After all, Our Lord Christ showed no mercy on the Scribes and Pharisees of His day, did He? Do reflect on the fact that the “religious” of His time wanted him dead… now, that’s a meaty Lenten reflection…


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