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Saturday, 26 March 2016

26 March 2016. Bernie MURDERLISING Chilly Hilly in State of Washington

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Media outlets are already calling the State of Washington for Bernie. He’s steamrollering Chilly Hilly. It’s so bad for her that they’re already chalking it up to Bernie at 1517 PDT! Chilly’s in the shitter, there’s no real way for her to get out, no way, no how.

#Feel the Bern… vote for an HONEST candidate!



26 March 2016. Get With the Programme… Even the Bird-Brains Know the Score!

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Now, don’t go about provoking HillyBillys… they truly believe themselves superior to the common ruck o’ mankind, so nothing that you can say can do any scrap o’ good whatsoever. Let them be in their Liberal delusions… the same is true of the Chumpy Trumpies… nothing that you could say can penetrate their illusions and fancies.

Get on out there and vote for Bernie. That’s the ticket… #Feel the Bern…


26 March 2016. Russians NEVER Give Up… Here’s What You Do If It Rains

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Russians love to party hearty… even if it starts to rain. NOTHING can get us irrepressible Russians down… here’s what you do if it starts to rain on your picnic… the party MUST go on!


26 March 2016. A Point to Ponder from a Righteous Catholic Bishop

00 fulton sheen good friday golgotha repin 260316


Whenever someone of culture and education uses the word “Liberal”, it encompasses what illy-educated Americans call “conservative” and “liberal”. Interestingly enough, “conservatives” are more Liberal than “liberals” are… whenever Russians denounce “liberalism”, they’re not denouncing American liberals… they’re denouncing American “conservatives” such as Patrick Buchanan and GWB! It’s clear from the context of this quote that Bishop Sheen has similar intent… after all, “conservatives” praise Edmund Burke, the most Whiggish of all Whigs (I kid you not).

Liberalism is evil… more evil than any Leftist ideology was or is. It’s a demonic construct that worships power and money… do bear that in mind as you hear “conservatives” speak… they’re the most consummate Liberals of the lot… you forget that at your peril.


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