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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Stumping With the Trump Chumps

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Trump’s Chumps do act like this… scary, ain’t it?


Today, I went to the Donald Trump rally here in Tucson out of sheer curiosity with three of my friends. The four of us went as neither supporters nor protestors, but merely bystanders. It was one of the scariest and most uncomfortable things we’ve ever experienced. I saw things that’ll be forever burned in my memory. They threw out multitudes of people as Trump supporters yelled and booed at them, some with racial slurs, saying “Fuck you”, “Go back to Africa”, “Go back to Mexico”, “Get a fucking job”, the list goes on, and giving them the middle finger. There were fights! They punched peaceful protesters in the face! Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio, and Trump himself attacked every race. I was right in the middle of the freak show. On top of that, it was far from accessible for the disabled. Bernie’s rally in Tucson last night had an ENTIRE section reserved for the disabled and he provided two ASL interpreters, but Trump’s rally? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Very telling.

My friends and I became so uncomfortable that we left a little early. People mocked us as we walked up the stairs through the crowd to leave (“Goodbye!”, “Go back to your mommy and daddy’s house”, etc). We didn’t have a sign or anything to indicate that we weren’t Trump’s supporters, but I think the disgusted look on our faces gave us away. I’ve never seen so much hate and ignorance in one room. It was just horrifying. I’m utterly scared shitless of America’s and our future. Please, please, don’t  vote for this disgusting vile human being (if you call that scum a human being).

Ever since I posted about my simple (yet honest) experience at the Trump rally here in Tucson, I’ve received numerous hate messages from his supporters. I’ve already gotten a death threat. I’ve been called stupid, loser, idiot, and a liar (even though there are countless photos and videos that substantiate what I wrote). I’ve been accused of being paid to do this (LOL, what?) and of being a Muslim (how is that an insult?). I’ve had to block at least ten people already. I debated taking down the post; then, I thought… that’s exactly what they want me to do, so I won’t. All the name-calling just shows how intelligent (or the lack thereof) and ignorant some of the conservatives are. It also shows that they’re unable to effectively communicate as civilised adults. I guess with no logic and education, they’ve nothing else to turn to. Trump created a very toxic atmosphere with an entire army of over-entitled, angry, and violent bigots. We need to stop him.

Jason Nicholas

19 March 2016



As I said at the top, “Scary, ain’t it?” Trump is mobilising all the crazies in our country. They’re going to vote. That’s why the rest of us HAVE to #Feel the Bern… remember, Chilly Hilly is nothing but Trump Lite… do bear that in mind…



27 March 2016. No “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance!



“Under God” wasn’t in the first version. We should go back to the original wording. This land is for everyone. It began as a secular republic; it should stay such. “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. ALL does include secularists… as I stated the USA was NEVER a theocracy… it was always a secular republic. As a believer in a “minority” religion, I want it to stay that way. Besides, “Under God” came in as a result of the McCarthyite scummers… we should remove it as a sign that we reject McCarthyism and all other associated rightwing lunacy. Never forget, William F Buckley DEFENDED McCarthy… that tells you much about his slobbering disciples such as Rod Dreher, doesn’t it?


27 March 2016. Animal Funnies… Who’s That Knocking At My Door?

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Nationalist Thug Attacked Lawyer Defending Orthodox Parish in Galicia

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An unknown masked assailant attacked A P Zakharchuk, a lawyer for the Diocese of Ternopol (UPTs/MP). The attacker approached the lawyer, and struck him on the head. A UPTs/MP statement said:

Andrei Petrovich defended the right of St Michael parish in Butin (Zbarazh Raion) to its church building, which schismatics stole from us in October 2014.

Zakharchuk suffered constant harassment from Right Sector Uniate thugs… they came to the court hearing about the parish church building and threatened Andrei Pavlovich with physical violence.

25 March 2016




Such is the daily treatment handed out to the canonical Church and its representatives by the schismatical “Ukrainian Orthodox” and Galician Uniates (so-called “Ukrainian Catholics”). Note well that the US State Department and the Phanar smile at it all. It puts a new spin on those in the OCA who want to go turncoat and stab their Russian coreligionists in the back, doesn’t it? It also tells much about Potapov and Fatso, who schmooze up to the Uniates and neocons… do have a care, the times ARE evil…


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