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Sunday, 27 March 2016

27 March 2016. Da Winnah and Still Champeen! Bernie Hat Trick in Western Primaries Smackdown on Chilly Hilly

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Bernie swept all three contests yesterday. ALL THREE. The lamestream media still anoints Chilly Hilly as the likely nominee. I’d say this… if the professional pols select Hilly, most of the Dem base will stay home, giving the election to Trump the Chump. Trust me… the pros are watching Bernie smackdown Hilly. He’s stomped her in six out of the last seven contests, that’s a win-rate of over 84 percent! Truly, none of the superdelegates are in her court… none of ’em. As Bernie continues to lambaste Hilly, the pros will look at their cards. They don’t want a loser in November. Trust me, Handy Andy Cuomo will be the first one to knife her in public… right now, he lay low, that’s all. He’s watching Hilly bat the Tar Baby… he’s coming to his own conclusions… in the end, “It ain’t personal; it’s just business”. After all, no one wants Bill’s Third Term…

#Feel the Bern…



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