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Saturday, 2 April 2016

2 April 2016. #ApologizeForWhat… HillyBillys Throw Hissy Fit Tantrum Because Bernie Called ‘Em Out on Their Cheating and Dirty Tricks

01 squalling crybaby


Now, the HillyBillys are crying and shouting that they’re the “victims”. I kid you not. The overeducated Affluent Effluent Liberal crowd has a new hashtag… #ApologizeForWhat. What does Hilly have to apologise for? Being for invading Iraq… being for “welfare reform”… being for NAFTA… being a whore for lobbyists and special interests… cheerleading the aggression against Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, and Federal Yugoslavia… smiling at the Easter bombing of Belgrade (after all of our bishops and the Pope of Rome begged the USA for peace on our holiest day). She has PLENTY to apologise for. However, as always, I warn you never to argue with the HillyBillys… they’re “always right” dontcha know… it’s a waste of your God-given time.

Vote for Bernie… that’s the best way to reply to such scummers…



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