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Saturday, 2 April 2016

2 April 2016. You CAN Help the Kids in Novorossiya…

00 Donbass Aid 020416


YOU can help the kids in the besieged Peoples Republics in Novorossiya. These guys are on the up n’ square (here’s their website). Do contact them to see what they need and send it on. This is a perfect parish project for Lent and for the upcoming Easter holiday. Their address is:

Charitable Foundation “Help Donbass”

Frunze Embankment 16






Фрунзенская набережная 16

Благотворительный фонд “Помощь Донбассу”

Cut n’ paste the above for the address (keep BOTH the English and Russian versions of the address, please… it helps the PO on both sides to get it right… do note that Russian address-format is opposite that of the USA!)… that’s simple, isn’t it? Now, this is a perfect response to the illegitimate Galician Uniate fascist junta and their Anglo neoliberal backers…



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