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Saturday, 2 April 2016

South Ukrainian AES Shut Down… Crank Yank Fuel Rods to Blame

00 south ukrainian AES 020416


Per the Ukrainian media, the junta had to shut down the South Ukrainian AES in Nikolayev Oblast due to crank fuel rods from Westinghouse in the USA. The staff onsite warned the junta that the Yank rods wouldn’t work, but the dunderhead Galician Uniate fascists wouldn’t listen (“You hit it wit’ hammer and it’ll work”). That means that 9 percent of electrical generating capacity is now offline for an unforeseen (and probably not short) period. The “Ukrainian” economy is shutting down bit-by-bit, and the Yank neoliberals can’t do a damn thing to stop it… all that their “aid” does is to prolong the death throes of the failed “Ukrainian” pseudo-state. Dear God, do cut the time of the evil Uniate/schismo junta short… the innocent people living in the failed “Ukraine” don’t deserve this. Here’s a titbit that my local contacts tell me… the draft dodging rate is HIGHEST amongst Galician Uniates! Methinks that rank n’ file Uniates don’t share the delusions of their “betters”… or… they may be merely “Uniates” because nationalists seized their parish, and they had nowhere else to go to… it’s a possibility, no?



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