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Sunday, 3 April 2016

3 April 2016. For All the GOOD Priests Out There…

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Most of our priests aren’t “internet wonders”… most of our priests don’t molest kids… most of our priests go to seminary and become clergy in the usual way… most of our priests teach what the Church teaches, not their own fancies (or spout Antichristian “Evangelical” Republican rubbish). In short, most of our priests aren’t like the Facebook Specials… they’re too busy for stuff like that. If you have questions, do ask your priest, not some jumped-up fraud on the internet. If you’re stuck with a bad priest (such as one ordained without proper formation (or even just a heterodox formation)), then, ask your bishop or a trusted monastic that you know personally and visit (not some internet will o’ the wisp). The faith is an ENCOUNTER… not a set of rules. Never forget that.



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