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Monday, 4 April 2016

4 April 2016. Excuse My Silence on the Larger Church Situation…

01 Woman Thinking


Quite a few Cabinet members have written me in the past week about the general Church situation here in the diaspora. I’m not ignoring you… I’m taking my time and thinking things over, as it appears to be a very big story developing. I’m going to post this week on it. I’ll say this, it looks to be the biggest thing since the autocephaly of the OCA in 1970, ergo, I’m taking my time in reacting. I’m not a superficial simpleton like Whiteford or Dreher…

I’ll say this… things may come to a head before the all-Orthodox Sobor planned for Crete. If so, it may derail the whole shebang. I need to find the right words…



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