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Saturday, 9 April 2016

9 April 2016. A Tale of Two Venues… Bernie’s Coming to Albany and Chilly Hilly Only Went to Cohoes

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In another sign that the Clinton campaign is flailing in the political La Brea Tar Pits, Bernie’s coming to Albany Monday and he’s coming to a venue far larger than the one Chilly Hilly appeared at last week. Hilly’s crowd only issued 1,500 tickets… an insider told me that Hilly’s people had left-over tickets. Besides, she appeared at an out-of-the-way high school auditorium in Cohoes… a two-bit Rust Belt ex-mill town with no real influence, cred, or class. Bernie’s appearing at the Washington Avenue Armory, a venue that seats 4,300 for events… he’s appearing during the state workers’ lunch hour. In short, he’s gonna draw more people than Chilly Hilly did and do so right in the heart of Albany three loud farts away from the State Capital building and the Empire State Plaza. Trust me, Handy Andy Cuomo’s gonna have his assets out there scoping the situation out. This is seriously bad ju-ju for the HillyBillys. Just you watch… all the Glib Libs will moan n’ groan… they’re gonna say that it means nothing. “It’s a fake… it’s nothing but kids living in their parents’ basements”. I’ll say to these creepo supremos… “I’m for Bernie and I’m no kid and I don’t live in anybody’s basement for free. Me n’ Nicky pay our own bills, thank you very much, bills that are too high due to the maleficent influence of evil pols like Bill and Hilly. I’m 62, so I’m no kid”.

Eat shit and die, HillyBillys… Bernie’s in the house and to hell with your louse…



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