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Saturday, 9 April 2016

9 April 2016. Armenia Under Threat of Turkish-Anglo Aggression

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This week, Azerbaijani forces attacked Armenian forces, no doubt with the acquiescence (if not approval and praise) of the USA and Turkey. Armenian people should notice this and notice who their true friends are. We Russians are their friends… not the Anglos… not the papists… not the West. Only Russia has the means and will to defend Christian Armenia from naked American aggression (let’s call things what they are). The Orthosphere is a reality… all those calling Paffhausen pro-Russian have kasha in the head… he’s an unrepentant neocon who supports the Republican enemies of the Orthosphere (and Langley’s subversion of our homelands). Do have a care with the konvertsy… they’re sung in bed with the enemies of the Rodina and the Church… they don’t care as their Pro-Life fantasies addle their brains.




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