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Saturday, 9 April 2016

KPRF Tula Oblast Obkom Sends Aid to Heroic Novorossiya

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The 53rd humanitarian aid convoy left from the Lenin State Farm outside Moscow enroute to besieged Novorossiya. Each of the trucks carried essential supplies for the DNR and LNR… food, medicines, children’s necessities, and seeds. As Krasnaya Tula noted, the KPRF Tula Oblast Obkom took part in all humanitarian aid convoys. This time, the farm sent food and kids’ clothing to help our kinsmen in the Donbass. Aleksei Lebedev, General Secretary of the KPRF Tula Oblast Obkom, noted at a gathering to see the trucks off:

Tula Communists are grateful for this opportunity to send humanitarian aid to our compatriots in the Donbass. With this convoy, we give our greetings to the civilians in heroic Novorossiya, and to the fighters protecting their families and their land.

Former LNR head V D Bolotov said that the struggle against the Banderist aggressors to restore peace and freedom continued:

I want to express my immense gratitude to the KPRF for their support of the continuing Donbass humanitarian convoys, as we sorely need this assistance. We won’t abandon the fight; with this kind of support, we’ll win!

6 April 2016

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