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Sunday, 10 April 2016

10 April 2016. As Seen By Vitaly Podvitsky… Escaping from Reality

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Escaping from Reality. 2016


In order to escape from reality, you need to dig under the fence of reason. Senya escaped in the nick of time, the way was clear… what a guy!

10 April 2016

Vitaly Podvitsky Masterskaya Karikatury



Instead of me engaging in long expatiating… this cartoon says it all. Yatsenyuk is bailing out of a falling airplane… he’s abandoning ship to go to the USA, to slink away in safety as the notional “Ukraine” goes under. “What a guy!” This sure nailed it… he exposed himself as a poltroon, coward, and all-around asshole. Watch Langley and Bound Brook kiss his ass big-time. Watch Potapov, Jillions, Kish, SVS, Dahulich, and Paffhausen kiss his bum even more energetically (whether through Langley’s order or out of subservience to the Uniates and Rome, it doesn’t matter, does it?). What a world!



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