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Sunday, 10 April 2016

10 April 2016. “Republican Kindergarten” and My Reaction to It

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I wrote this as a reaction to seeing the above image on FB:

Socialist Kindergarten… kids work together on a garden, harvest the veggies, prepare and cook them, and have a good meal together. No one goes lacking and no one idled without working. Let’s keep the rightwing lies where they belong… in the outer darkness where there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Don’t fall for rightwing lies about socialism. Libertarianism, in particular, is an evil godless antitheistic ideology condemned by the Church. The Church blesses the state, for if the choice is between state regulation and unrestrained anarchy, the Church always chooses the former, for it believes in the Fallenness of Mankind. Libertarianism can only work where people are perfectible… that’s beyond comprehension; indeed, it’s Cloud Cuckoo Land. The Church believes in reality and groundedness, so, since Libertarianism is a monstrous fable, it condemns it as unrealisable nonsense.

Libertarianism is nothing but specious and tawdry fancy-vesture for “might makes right”. Never accept it and fight it wherever it appears.



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