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Sunday, 10 April 2016

10 April 2016. What Makes My Heart SING?

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Doing the right thing… after 62 years… that’s enough. See the sound of a friend’s smile and hear the colour of a friend’s laugh… that’s what I find meaningful. I find that I’m not very “religious”… I love the Lord Christ and do my level best to embody His teachings, but “religion” as so many define it leaves me cold. I do my best to “do the right thing” to those about me… if some young inexperienced jackanapes priest doesn’t like that, so be it. I’m not in this world to please clergy, I’m here to do my best to make the world about me a bit better, if I can. That’s what matters to me and what makes my heart sing. I’m ready to face my Maker and God… are you?



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