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Sunday, 17 April 2016

17 April 2016. What Does Rightwing Paranoia Lead To?

00 fbi phone hack 030416


One of the pervasive rightwing myths is that the government has a giant supercomputer that it uses to monitor all online activities. This is ludicrous and barmy beyond all words. One of those who believes in it is Rod Dreher (to be charitable, he picked it up from a vacuous nutter named Whitehead who was a fellow rightwing stink-tanker in the District). Real intel is expensive as it costs money to hire the people needed to interpret and collate the collected intercepts. The NSA can’t translate and analyse more than a fraction of its ELINT, and that’s not even talking about cybersurveillance. Only the most important targets make the cut, and Dreher doesn’t (nor do I, a rather more minor fish). In any case, the government wastes a good deal of its effort in surveillance on Muslims and Arabs who don’t pose a threat to anyone. To be frank, there’s been no major terrorist incident since 9/11… that proves that there’s no terrorist threat that truly goes bump in the night. There’s no way to guard all the potential targets out there… if there were a real terrorist problem, we’d be dealing with it constantly… and we’re not. It’s just another Republican lie… it’s like “duck and cover” in the 50s… Sov bombers didn’t have the range to strike the continental USA nor did Soviet operational doctrine envisage such (they frowned on one-way suicide missions, unlike the USA). That didn’t deter Republican liars then… the Republicans still lie… only it’s nonexistent terrorists instead of nonexistent Soviet bombers.

Truly, the reason that this lie has tread is that some people think themselves more important than they are… get a life, righties…



17 April 2016. From the Russian Web… What Makes You Think I Did It?

00 cat sprats in tomato sauce. Not me! 070416


This bold koshka is all over the RuNet, and I found it nowhere else. This appears to be a 100 percent gen-yu-wine no bullshit Russian kitty. I’d stake the paycheque on it…


17 April 2016. THIS is What the Pro-Life Movement Really Wants

00 Mike Peters. I Had a Miscarriage. 2016. pro-lifers


The so-called “Pro-Life” Movement and its Republican puppeteers want to criminalise abortion. That’s not how you end it… that’s not how you react to it in a Christian way. In Indiana, a woman sits in prison because rightwing nutters accused her of not doing enough to save her foetus. That’s evil, and the fact that those who claim to be “Christian” support such shit besmirches True Christianity (American Radical Sectarianism is an Antichristian movement utterly at odds with Christianity, let alone Our Lord Christ and His Church). The Church doesn’t teach that we should illegalise abortion… it teaches that we should do everything that we can to minimise it (there are cases where it’s medically indicated, sadly enough), but not stigmatise the women caught up in it. This doesn’t suit the semi-“Evangelical” konvertsy. I’d simply say that the Church exercises oikonomia and that these toddlers hate such accommodations.

If you advocate that women caught up in such tragic situation deserve prison, you’re evil and I’ll oppose you. I’m not alone in thinking that way…


17 April 2016. The HillyBillys are in Panic Mode as People Realise that Chilly Hilly is the Whore of Wall Street

00 Matt Davies. The Birds. 2016


Bill Clinton said that Sanders’ supporters want to shoot every third Wall Street trader. That’s not so… however, I think that it’s time that we make those vile criminal vultures cough up some of their ill-gotten gains and cut their oversized paycheques, as they do nothing productive to grow the economy. Do note well that Chilly Hilly gives head to all of Wall Street and K Street, then, she throws a tantrum when people see it and act accordingly (that is, vote against her greedy ass). After all, didn’t she charge over 300 Gs at a recent fundraiser to have people sit next to her (she had her pal George Clooney front for her, but her fingerprints were all over it, kids)? Birds of a feather flock together… shitbirds of a feather flock together, too… people CAN tell the difference, and the HillyBillys are having a shit fit because we’re catching on to Hilly’s shtick.

One last thing… the HillyBillys are boasting that the Marist poll says that Hilly is 17 points ahead of Bernie. I’d point up that Bernie’s done better than the polls predicted in virtually every contest. Therefore, if Hilly gets less than a 17 point lead over Bernie, she loses. After all, she did win New York State in 2008 and she still lost the nomination… is the Ghost of Primaries Past haunting Chilly Hilly? It’s a possibility…


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