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Sunday, 17 April 2016

17 April 2016. Glory to a REAL Hero… Aleksei Zhuravko

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Aleksei Zhuravko is a “Disabled Person of the First Class”… that didn’t stop him from being a People’s Deputy in the Verkhovnaya Rada nor does that stop him from being active and standing tall in the patriot movement against the Uniate/schismo junta. If you vote for Chilly Hilly or for any Republican, you spit on his courage, self-sacrifice, and manliness. That’s what you do. Actions DO have consequences… voting for Repugs or Chilly Hilly means that you hate the patriot Orthodox Socialist cause and love Free Market Casino Crapitalism and Me First Libertarianism. It shows that you’re a godless soulless putz, not a stand-up guy and all-around mensch like Aleksei Zhuravko. He’s safe in the People’s Republics now… the Uniates, in particular, hate him… all the more reason that Orthodox people should close ranks behind him and emulate his actions. Yes, there are “empty suits” such as Chilly Hilly (and all Establishment Dems) and the Republican greedsters. However, there are real heroes afoot… Aleksei Zhuravko is one of them.

Glory to the REAL Heroes!



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