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Sunday, 17 April 2016

17 April 2016. NO Christian Can Vote for Chilly Hilly or For Republicans… WWJD?

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If the love of money is the root of many diverse evils (such is the rendering an instructor at the MDA gave me), therefore, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Chilly Hilly have surrendered to that love, which means that they’ve allowed manifold evils to take root in their souls. No Christian can vote for such godless amoral greedster filth. It repudiates and mocks everything that Our Lord Christ stood for, taught us, died for, and rose from the dead to affirm.

I don’t care what their stance on bathrooms, abortion, homosexuality, and gay marriage is… such things are mere piffles compared to the love of money. The former, I believe, won’t separate you from God… the latter will, perhaps, irrevocably. As the murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero put it:

There’s an “atheism” that’s closer at hand and more dangerous to our church. It’s the atheism of capitalism, in which material possessions are set up as idols and take God’s place.

I second that and Bernie does too (interesting… a secularist is closer to Real Christianity than the so-called “Christian” candidates)… the other candidates don’t, especially, Chilly Hilly. Vote accordingly…



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