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Sunday, 17 April 2016

17 April 2016. THIS is What the Pro-Life Movement Really Wants

00 Mike Peters. I Had a Miscarriage. 2016. pro-lifers


The so-called “Pro-Life” Movement and its Republican puppeteers want to criminalise abortion. That’s not how you end it… that’s not how you react to it in a Christian way. In Indiana, a woman sits in prison because rightwing nutters accused her of not doing enough to save her foetus. That’s evil, and the fact that those who claim to be “Christian” support such shit besmirches True Christianity (American Radical Sectarianism is an Antichristian movement utterly at odds with Christianity, let alone Our Lord Christ and His Church). The Church doesn’t teach that we should illegalise abortion… it teaches that we should do everything that we can to minimise it (there are cases where it’s medically indicated, sadly enough), but not stigmatise the women caught up in it. This doesn’t suit the semi-“Evangelical” konvertsy. I’d simply say that the Church exercises oikonomia and that these toddlers hate such accommodations.

If you advocate that women caught up in such tragic situation deserve prison, you’re evil and I’ll oppose you. I’m not alone in thinking that way…



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