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Sunday, 17 April 2016

17 April 2016. Yank Aggressor Destroyer in Baltic Buzzed by Russian Su-24s… POOR BABIES!

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Recently, a US Navy destroyer closed to within missile range of St Petersburg. Of course, with nuclear warheads aboard, that was a threat to the city. It stood to reason that Russia would warn the aggressors off. What scares the Anglos shitless is that they’ve found out that the Russians can shut down their sensors. No doubt, that happened here…  the Yanks had to watch helplessly as Russian Su-24 attack planes executed simulated attacks on the ship. If it’d been real war, the Yanks would’ve been at the bottom of the sea. The US Navy is full of hubris as it’s suffered no major combat losses since World War II. In the Baltic and Black Seas, in restricted and (relatively) shallow water, the USN is at a disadvantage, as it designs its ships for blue-water high-seas operation, which means that they’re not well-suited for more landlocked seas. Russia has land-based missiles, fast coastal forces, and conventional subs (the latest class has the nickname “The Black Hole” due to its extreme stealth), all of which are more-than-adequate counters to anything that the Yanks can send. By the way, both the Baltic and Black Seas aren’t fit for operations for carrier groups and nuclear attack subs… the former are vulnerable to all sorts of land-based weapons systems and to conventional subs, and the latter are too noisy and need deeper water to operate. In short, the USA isn’t a hyperpower; besides that, it has no right to provocatively insert its military into the defence zones of other countries. Remember what happened the last time that the USA faced peers… in Korea, the PRC and the USSR whipped the Yanks… the Yanks didn’t win their objective of stealing the entire Korean peninsula and the Sovs and Chinese won their objective of restoring the status quo ante.

What the Liberal and “conservative” pigs have done to the USA is to have plunged the country into 15 years of continuous and unwinnable wars in foreign parts. The rightwing filth finance the wars on tick so that their rich controllers feel no sacrifice at all. However, the crushing cost of military operations means that everything else goes begging… including military R&D. Russia invests in defence and now has forces capable of defending the Rodina against Anglo aggression. The USA wastes its money on fighting unwinnable insurgencies… Russia invests its money in cyberwarfare, new tanks, new attack helicopters, and ICBMs capable of penetrating the rather crude (but mind-bogglingly costly) American ABM defences. I seem to see a difference here…

Bet on The Bear… no one’s taken him over since the Mongols… that was nearly a millennium ago…



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