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Monday, 18 April 2016

18 April 2016. From the Russian Web… This is All for Me?!?

00 cat its all for me. i cant believe what im seeing. 150416______________________________

I got this off a Russian website, along with the caption, but by researching the image, I found that it was originally part of an American series on Thanksgiving. That makes it a Russian-American collaboration…



18 April 2016. Look at Who’s Raising Money from Whom

00 bernie unions 180416


Let’s keep this short and sweet. Chilly Hilly raises money from K Street, Wall Street, and the Affluent Effluent. Bernie raises his from small contributions from Joe Schmo and Annie Doe. That DOES make a difference. Vote accordingly…



18 April 2016. FDR Said that ALL Lives Matter… So Should We

00 fdr quote 070416


Injustice is injustice… no matter who it happens to… no matter where it happens… no matter when it happens. Full stop. This Leftist would like to know why Liberals can’t get that…. “Black n’ yellow, red n’ white, all are precious in His sight”… do you misunderstand that? “Black Lives Matter” is a Liberal tool used to break people apart. Trust me, the Affluent Effluent don’t have such divisions… they know that having money gives them a common goal and agenda. We should likewise have a common goal and agenda, and not be spooked by media or One Percenter fantasies. A moment’s sober reflection tells us that some things are just wedges used by the ruling class to divide us. Black Lives Matter is one such. ALL LIVES MATTER. ALL OF THEM. Not all powerless people are black… some of the moneyed oppressors are black (they use “minority set-asides” to feather their already-plush nests). 

I stand with the oppressed… ALL of them. I’m not alone…


18 April 2016. The Bible Is NOT a Weapon

00 Bible Thumper. 02.04.15


I’ve seen “Christians” use the Bible to attack others incessantly. You see it all the time, sadly enough, especially, amongst “Evangelicals” (and those influenced by them such as Josiah Trenham, Paffhausen, and all konvertsy in general)… they forever quote Scripture, the Fathers, or the Canons out-of-context and without any compassion. They want a “pure” society, and the way that they intend to do it is to persecute and stigmatise all those that they consider “unclean” or “immoral”. They tell you, “The Bible teaches that”. It does NOT… emphatically. Prove to me that Christ used either force or the legal authorities to compel people to follow Him, then, I’d believe you.

I don’t think that such proof is forthcoming… not now… not later. Vacuous hatred and Know-Nothing bigotry isn’t Christian… that’s that.


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