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Monday, 18 April 2016

18 April 2016. The Bible Is NOT a Weapon

00 Bible Thumper. 02.04.15


I’ve seen “Christians” use the Bible to attack others incessantly. You see it all the time, sadly enough, especially, amongst “Evangelicals” (and those influenced by them such as Josiah Trenham, Paffhausen, and all konvertsy in general)… they forever quote Scripture, the Fathers, or the Canons out-of-context and without any compassion. They want a “pure” society, and the way that they intend to do it is to persecute and stigmatise all those that they consider “unclean” or “immoral”. They tell you, “The Bible teaches that”. It does NOT… emphatically. Prove to me that Christ used either force or the legal authorities to compel people to follow Him, then, I’d believe you.

I don’t think that such proof is forthcoming… not now… not later. Vacuous hatred and Know-Nothing bigotry isn’t Christian… that’s that.



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