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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

19 April 2016. Albert Einstein on the Media

00 Einstein. carina nebula heavens gate hubble space telescope 090416


I’d say that little has changed since Einstein’s time… but the rise of social media on the web has been a real game-changer. Only 6 percent of Americans trust the mass media… but do note how the Upper Middles eat up the media’s adulation of Chilly Hilly and the media’s denigration of Bernie. Working-class people know better… they know that the Upper Middles are smarmy and condescending to us peasants, but they grovel to the rich and powerful (Orthodox people… look at Lyonyo, Potapov, Serge Schmemann, Paffso, and Vassa Larina… all kowtow to the Western Establishment in hopes of crumbs from the high table). Nevertheless, eppur si muove! The Establishment can refuse to cover us and they can attack us all that they want… it still moves! Bernie’s won eight of the last nine primaries… let’s make tomorrow the ninth… after all, none of the polls has been spot-on yet. Have a care, the Upper Middles and the Corporate Media that they staff has an agenda, and it’s not favourable to us (but it does give them weekends in Dubai and foreign holidays). VOTE.




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