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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

19 April 2016. I VOTED! #Feelthebern Kids!



Right after work today, I voted in the Democratic primary here in New York. Of course, I voted for Bernie. I will NEVER vote for Chilly Hilly under any circumstance, as a vote for her is a vote for Wall Street chicanery, warmongering in foreign parts, absolute disdain for working people, and stealing Social Security from us to enrich her wealthy pals (she hopes that they’ll direct some of it her way, you see). That’s beside the fact that voting for Chilly Hilly is a virtual third term for her vermin husband, who brought us NAFTA, “welfare reform”, and the aggression against Federal Yugoslavia (not to mention his low antics that brought disrepute onto the Presidency).

I voted. I have a right to speak. I exercised my rights, for if we don’t do that, fascist pigs like Trump or Chilly Hilly will steal them from us.




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